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Lambrusco in origin is a wild plant that has been "bred" over the years.

In the glass it always maintains the features of a wild grape, which roars, which tries to come out and express itself.

Lambrusco is not a shy wine. But it combines genius and recklessness with an elegant closure and intense aromas.

Each vintage is different: of course you can find a fil rouge among our vintages, but we bring in the glass the difficulties and successes of each harvest, of what we have learned and of what we have experienced.

We use mainly with 2 types of fermentations: natural fermentation in bottle and charmat method.

Charmat method is a modern technique used to obtain sparkling and pleasing wines in a short time.

Our idea is to keep the value of the charmat method, or the enhancement of the fresh and fruity aromas typical of our wines, but to do it with very long fermentations, from 4 to 10 months depending on the wine.This gives us an extremely fine and persistent bubble.

Lambrusco is the wine of joy

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