We are Giuseppe e Raffaella

Everyday the doors of our winery are open to let you discover the sparkling world of Lambrusco Mantovano. Here Lambrusco lovers and Mantua lovers are welcome. Our winery is always open to welcome visitors who want to discovers our territories.

How does the visit works?

 We will walk along the rows of the vineyard and discover how Organic Lambrusco is produced, the techniques we use in the vineyard and to preserve the health of our plants.  

Then we will move on to the cellar: our interventions are minimal, but to accompany the grapes in their maximum expression we must use precautions!

The final tasting cannot be missed: we will taste our wines together.





We will discover the various interpretations of salamino grape, and together we will pair our wines with our traditional mantuan salami, our Parmigiano Reggiano and the famous mantuan mustard.

The cost of the visit with winetasting is 12€.

Not only wine, but Culture, history and...a lot of Art!

Our winery is located in San Benedetto Po, One of the most Beautiful Village in Italy, a few kilometers from Mantua, and offers an inestimable cultural heritage. While you are organizing your visit to the winery, we recommend that you extend your visit to the monastic complex of San Benedetto Po, an architectural jewel of rare beauty.

Here you will discover the story of Matilde di Canossa, the powerfull countess who lived between 11th and 12th centuries, who had a very important influence on our territory. And which, coincidentally, gives the name to one of our wines: Rosso Matilde.

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Mantua by camper

Friends who want to visit Mantua and San Benedetto by campe, caravan or bike can park in our square or stop for a quit pit stop.

We advise you to notify us by booking a little earlier so we will be ready to offer you an unforgettable experience!

Azienda agricola Bugno Martino

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