What we believe in

The winery in the vineyard

First of all we are farmers.

We have the privilege to cultivate our land and taking care of it.

We work with organic farming practices, but this is only the starting point.

We like to call ourselves biodiverse: we operate beyond the protocols of organic farming and we use technology to reduce the use of copper and sulfur as much as possible.  

We try to bring life into our soils after years of expoloitation and create an ecosystem that is born, grows and feeds itself.

 To do this we use vertical soil processing, biodynamic preparations, we sow green manure, we reuse harvest and racking organic residues. We grow biodiversity.

In the Vineyard

Salamino, Ancellotta, Grappello Ruberti are the varieties of Lambrusco we grow. 

A 9-hectares low-yield vineyard, selective Simonit&Sirch pruning, selection of the best bunches:  this is the only way our vine can give its best.

Controls, manual processing, manual defoliation, hand harvest. We are custodians of our vineyards.

The intervention in the winery is limited to what’s strictly necessary, in order not to alter the deep essence of the vineyard fruits. We support the transformation of the grapes keeping its characteristics of the year, seizing its personality and its structure.

So we can say that the winery is already in the vineyard, our wine is born in the fields.

Azienda agricola Bugno Martino

str. Zottole 93 - 97 | San Benedetto Po (MN)


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